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Additional Exceptional Fellowships 2018 - winners

Please find the winners list for the Additional Exceptional Fellowships for 2018 here

Fellowship Applications 2019

The Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery in Great Britain & Ireland (SCTS) is pleased to invite applications for the 2019 Fellowships sponsored by Mr Marian Ionescu. The broad range of the Fellowships allows all SCTS members to benefit – Consultants, all grades of Trainees, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals and Medical Students.

For more details:

Closing date for applications is 15th February 2019 at 16:00

Fellowship applications for 2019 - updated

The Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery in Great Britain & Ireland (SCTS) is pleased to invite applications for the following fellowships:

SCTS-Ionescu NTN Trainee Travelling Fellowship 2019 

SCTS Education Ethicon Surgical Trainee Fellowships 2019

Marian and Christina Ionescu Consultant Travelling Fellowships 2019

SCTS-Ionescu Consultant Travelling Fellowship 2019

SCTS Education Ionescu Medical Student Fellowships 2019

SCTS-Ionescu Non-NTN small travel awards 2019

SCTS Education Ionescu Non-NTN Surgical Fellowships 2019

SCTS Education Ionescu Nursing & Allied Health Professional Fellowships 2019

Please see attached the application form and further information regarding each fellowship.

NTN Trainee Courses 2019

Course dates 2018

19th-21st November:  ST3A – Introduction to Specialty Training in Cardiothoracic Surgery Course – Abbott, Solihull

22-23rd November:  ST2 – Essential Skills in Cardiothoracic Surgery Course

27-29th November:  ST4A – Core Cardiac Surgery Course – Abbott, Solihull

6th-7th January 2019:  ST8B – Professional Development Course – Ashorne Hill, Leamington Spa


10th November:  Nonmedical prescribing course – Bhuvana

26-27th November:  Non NTN professional update and wetlab course – Ashorne Hill, Leamington Spa

9th December:  Surgical Cardiac Theatre Practitioner Workshop (Theatre course)– Bhuvana

17th December:  Introduction to CT Surgery Course (Amal Bose & Karen Harrison-Phipps)


April 2019
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Category: GeneralRoyal Papworth CALS Course

Royal Papworth CALS Course
07 Apr 2019
08 Apr 201909 Apr 201910 Apr 201911 Apr 201912 Apr 201913 Apr 2019

Category: GeneralCardiothoracic non-medical prescribing one day course

Cardiothoracic non-medical prescribing one day course
14 Apr 2019
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Nurses & AHP Forum Presentations

Presentations given at the 2017 Forum are now available in pdf format for review on the Nurses & AHP page.
Read more

SCTS Ionescu University 2017

Videos of the presentations are available to view:

Belfast 2017

Annual Meeting

The next meeting will be in London on 10th to 12th March 2019.

See previous programmes here: Read more

Cardiothoracic Trainees Research Collaborative


Nursing and Allied health professional Research Group


Featured Presentation

Surgical techniques for functional mitral regurgitation

J Lamelas (Houston, USA) reviews the surgical options available for the management of functional mitral regurgitation, before describing in detail his favoured technique of “ring and sling”.




SCTS Education Professional Development

Following the very successful pilot the SCTS Education Professional Development course is now open. Details are on the attached flyer. The course places are heavily subsidised for SCTS members and there are limited places for each date. All the pilot places were gone within one week so immediate application is advised. Non SCTS members pay the full price so this course is a benefit of SCTS membership.

This programme is aimed at consultants, senior trainees (ST5 onward) and equivalent, and is rolling so modules can be taken in any order.

The course has been designed to meet many revalidation requirements and is tailored to the needs of cardiothoracic surgeons.

This course has top modules from our award winning partner and includes sessions on understanding the healthcare environment, management, leadership, transformation and finances.

Following course participation delegates will be better equipped to deal with the rapidly changing NHS and effectively lead their services.

Flyer           Website

Cardiac Surgery Advance Life Support Course

SCTS Education is delighted to offer a one day CALS course on the 21st November 2018. There will be funded places for the SAS Doctors and AHPs.

SCTS Education Curriculum-aligned Cardiothoracic Surgery Training Courses

SCTS Education / Ethicon Curriculum-aligned Cardiothoracic Surgery Training Courses are an innovative portfolio of 12 courses that have been designed and implemented by the current SCTS Tutors to mirror the ISCP curriculum.

All nationally-appointed Cardiothoracic Surgery Trainees will be given the opportunity to attend 12 specifically designed courses (2 courses per year during their 6 year programme). The portfolio of courses will deliver a continuous programme of learning which has been mapped out to mirror the ISCP Cardiothoracic Surgery curriculum. The programme has been endorsed by the Cardiothoracic Surgery Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC) and attendance at the courses will be monitored through the ARCP and CCT process. These courses complement knowledge and skills learned during their training programme and will use a variety of techniques to deliver education.

Details of the aims and delivery of all of these courses are available on the Tutors' page. Read more


Debate: emphysema intervention



  This is the educational website of the SCTS and is overseen by its Education Committee. The Education Committee serves as a link between the Executive and the Cardiothoracic SAC to ensure that educational matters are highlighted in the Society. Read more
  The SCTS University was launched in 2010 at the SCTS Annual Meeting in Liverpool and is now the largest Cardiothoracic Educational Programme in the UK. The first recording of this contemporary educational material was in 2012 at the joint ACTA / SCTS meeting in Manchester, with each subsequent SCTS University recorded and the educational material made available via this website. Read more
  The SCTS Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Mr Marian Ionescu at the annual meeting in Manchester 2015. His name has been added to the SCTS University logo. Read more