Difficult airway management
T McLeod (Birmingham, UK) discusses anaesthetic aspects of difficult airway management.
Adult airway stenosis endoscopy
G Sandhu (London, UK) explains the causes and describes his approach to managing airway stenoses in the adult.
Palliation of Malignant Tracheal Conditions
M. Kalkat (Birmingham, UK) explains the different tracheal conditions requiring palliation. His structured approach considers the aims of palliation, the assessments required and the different options for management.
Extended use of endobronchial devices
F Herth (Heidelberg, Germany) describes the extended use of endobronchial devices for stenoses, airleaks and bronchopleural fistulae.
Oesophago-airway fistulae
R Page (Liverpool, UK) discusses the management of oesophago-airway fistulae.
Tracheal substitutes
P Dartevelle (Paris, France) gives a detailed description of tracheal replacement using a forearm free flap.
Laryngotracheal resections
W. Klepetko (Vienna, Austria) explains in detail the options available for complex airway resections in a variety of conditions.
Carinal resection & reconstruction
P Darteville (Paris, France) describes how to perform carinal resections and reconstructions.
Tracheal transplantation
D Van Raemdonck (Leuven, Belgium) presents an overview of the current status of tracheal transplantation.
Tracheal stem cells
P De Coppi (London, UK) explores the potential of stem cells in engineered cartilaginous grafts for tracheal repair.
Tracheal surgery
Douglas Mathisen of Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, United States discusses the principles of tracheal resection. He focuses primarily on the areas of post-intubation stenosis and idiopathic subglottic stenosis.
Tracheal substitution
P Dartevelle (Paris, France) considers the complex area of tracheal substitutes and gives a detailed description of tracheal replacement using a forearm free flap.