Thoracic aortic aneurysm review
R Di Bartolomeo (Bologna, Italy) reviews the approach to complex aortic disease, describing in detail his use of the frozen elephant trunk procedure using the E-vita graft. J Mascaro (Birmingham, UK) presents his results and demonstrates use of the Thoraflex system. R Attia (London, UK) discusses aneurysm rupture prediction. A...
Aortic connective tissue disorders
T David (Toronto, Canada) outlines the connective tissue disorders which affect the ascending aorta.
Bicuspid aortic valve review
T Sundt (Boston, USA) discusses the timing of aortic intervention. G El Khoury (Brussels, Belgium) describes repair of a bicuspid regurgitant aortic valve, talking through a video of the David V technique. C Liopsis (London, UK) gives an update on the status of ascending aortic stenting. R Attia (London, UK)...
Technical aspects of aortic valve sparing operations
T David (Toronto, Canada) explains the anatomy of the aortic root. He gives video demonstrations of aortic root reimplantation and remodelling and also considers the challenge of the bicuspid aortic valve.
Aortic valve & root repair durability
J Vanoverschelde (Brussels, Belgium) considers which valve and root lesions are suitable for achieving a durable repair.
Mini Bentall procedure
T Yan (Sydney, Australia), with the aid of video clips, describes the mini-Bentall procedure through a partial upper sternotomy.
Arterial cannulation in aortic arch surgery
M Sabetai (London, UK) considers the different cannulation options in aortic arch surgery.
Aortic arch replacement options
J Elefteriades (New Haven, USA) discusses the surgical techniques available for aortic arch replacement.
Minimising brain injury in aortic arch surgery
DK Harrington (Liverpool, UK) reviews the evidence for different techniques of brain protection in aortic arch surgery.
Aortic arch surgery cerebral monitoring
A Chawla (London, UK) gives an overview of cerebral monitoring options in aortic arch surgery.
Aortic arch & thoracoabdominal options
H Safi (Houston, USA) discusses some of the open and endovascular options available in complex aortic surgery.
Aortic dissection transoesophageal echocardiography
M Bewsher (Manchester, UK) describes the echocardiography findings in acute aortic dissection.
Type A dissection cannulation strategies
M Sabetai (London, UK) describes the different approaches to cannulation in type A aortic dissection.
Type A dissection evolving strategies
J Elefteriades (New Haven, USA) describes current surgical techniques in the management of type A aortic dissection.
Type B dissection risk assessment & planning
R Clough (London, UK) reviews the evidence for management strategies in type B aortic dissection and describes her ongoing research in this area.
Type B aortic dissection
H Safi (Houston, USA) considers the evolving strategies in the management of type B aortic dissection.
Frozen elephant trunk
A Oo (Liverpool (UK) explains the frozen elephant trunk procedure and the grafts available.
Aortic arch repair hybrid approaches
P Taylor (London, UK) discusses hybrid approaches to aortic arch disease and the consequences of extra-anatomic bypasses.
Hannover experience with the Frozen Elephant Trunk
M Shrestha (Hannover, Germany) describes his unit's experience in using the Frozen Elephant Trunk technique for complex aortic arch surgery. He considers the indications, methods to reduce the risk of paraplegia, and the use of the Thoraflex graft.
Aortic arch replacement: the Birmingham approach
J Mascaro (Birmingham, UK) reviews the different open and hybrid options to aortic arch repair. He then describes his unit's approach and results, considering in detail how risk stratification determines the patient's pathway.
Hybrid Repairs of Arch Aneurysms
J Bavaria of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA considers the current and evolving role of hybrid aortic arch procedures. He explains landing zones and the different procedures available, before looking at the data which influences procedure choice.
Valve sparing aortic root surgery
H Schäfers of Saarland University Medical Center, Homburg/Saar, Germany discusses the complexities in assessment of aortic valve structure. He compares the results of remodelling and reimplantation techniques in his institution, concluding that both are valid approaches to valve preservation.
Thoraco-Abdominal Aneurysm repair – tips from Belgium
Marc Schepens of AZ Sint-Jan, Brugge, Belgium gives an overview of pitfalls and tips in the surgical management of thoraco-abdominal aneurysms.
Endovascular repair of the aortic arch
G Schurink, Maastricht, The Netherlands