Chest wall

Chest wall reconstruction
H Pilegaard (Skejby, Denmark) discusses the surgical management of pectus excavatum. M Yuksel (Istanbul, Turkey) considers minimally invasive repair of pectus carinatum. Chest wall reconstruction for malignant processes is then explored by J-M Wihlm (Strasbourg, France) before P Darteville (Paris, France) explains his approach tothoracic inlet tumours.
Chest wall reconstruction
G Rocco (Turin, Italy) describes materials and techniques for chest wall reconstruction after resection.
Chest wall resection and reconstruction
S Kalkat (Birmingham, UK) outlines the different types of primary chest wall tumours with discussion of chest wall resection and reconstruction.
Sternal resection & reconstruction
S James (London, UK) describes several flaps which can be used in sternal reconstruction.
Chest wall soft tissue cover
H Khalil (Birmingham, UK) shows a number of cases requiring chest wall soft tissue cover, using a number of different flaps to achieve this.
VAC therapy in thoracic surgery
K Papagiannopoulos (Leeds, UK) explains how negative wound therapy works and describes the Leeds experience in thoracic surgery.
Thoracic surgery with spinal resection
P Darteville (Paris, France) describes his approach to complex chest wall resections.
Combined spinal & thoracic surgery
PS Minhas (London, UK) describes cases where a combined approach is appropriate.
Virtual thoracic MDT (1)
S Kalkat (Birmingham, UK) presents a case of bloody pleural effusion with chest wall mass. P McElnay (Bristol, UK) follows with a case involving a large mediastinal mass.
Shoulder girdle trauma
L Van Rensburg (Cambridge, UK) describes several injuries that can occur to the shoulder girdle and how they can be managed.
Multi-speciality surgery
D West (Bristol, UK) gives an overview of the issues involved in planning complex multi-specialty surgery.
Virtual thoracic MDT (2)
M Hawari (Nottingham, UK) presents a complex case of persistent chylothorax for discussion.
Debate: Rib Fractures - fixation improves outcomes
Gonzalo Varela of Salamanca University Hospital, Spain reviews the evidence for the operative fixation of traumatic rib fractures.