Forum Presentations

Belfast 2017

Negative Pressure Wound Dressing: Does it reduce median sternotomy infection for high risk cardiac cases
R S Calanao, R Thomson, M Read, Prof M Loubani, A Cale
Castle Hill Hospital, Hull

Healthcare professionals’ perspectives on transferring patients to theatre at a tertiary centre for thoracic cancer surgery – The Walk or Wheeled (WoW) Project
Paulo De Sousa, Monica Tavares Barbosa, Soraia Carvalho, Joao Moura, Hemangi Chavan, Arnold Susmiran, Thamara Kazantzis, Maria Elena Cufari, Eric Lim
Royal Brompton Hospital, London

Prevention of sternal wound complications. A multi-disciplinary approach to reduce sternal wound issues post cardiac surgery
E Hara, H Caisley, A Modi, M Lewis, J Hyde, U Trivedi, I Ahmed
Royal Sussex County Hospital

Ward Based Cardiothoracic Advanced Practitioners Reduce Length of Stay and Improve Patient outcomes
P McAdam
Lancashire Cardiac Centre

Clinical Audit of patient satisfaction with information they receive during and about their care in cardiothoracic surgery
Gukop P, Mani K, Cherian A, Hunt I, Tan C, Kanagasabay R, Momin A
St George’s hospital, London

Manchester 2015


A clinical screening tool for physiotherapy after cardiac surgery
C. Paramasivan, B. Gibbison, M.P. Gilhooly, A. Eden, A. Baddeley, F. Falter
Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge


A quality examination for cardiothoracic surgical care practitioners is urgently required in the United Kingdom – A multicentre study
B. Krishnamoorthy1, J. Djordjevic2, W.R. Critchley1, C. Birkett3, T. Bartley3, R. Shah1, M. Lewis4, T. Graham3, N.P. Briffa5
University Hospital South Manchester, Manchester1; Oxford University Hospital NHS Trust, Oxford2; University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham3; Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, Brighton4; Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Sheffield5


Implementing Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) in thoracic surgery: an audit of early mobilisation within the high dependency unit (HDU)
K Graham, E Morson
Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Glasgow


Developing a post-operative quick recovery service following cardiac surgery
J Monks
Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital, Liverpool


Care, compassion and competence in critical care: a qualitative exploration of nurses’ experience of family witnessed resuscitation
J Monks
Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital, Liverpool

Critical scoring

Introduction of a critical care nurse activity scoring system
T. Williamson
Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Glasgow


Family phone calls
C. McEwan
Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Glasgow


Are haemofiltration patients adequately anticoagulated?
S. J. Faichney, P. McCall
Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Glasgow

Delirium pathway

Development of a delirium pathway from pre-admission to GP notification on discharge in a cardiothoracic hospital
M. Pontin, N. Jones.
Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge


Day of surgery admission: an effective efficiency measure?
N. Dodman, K. Hewitt
University Hospital South Manchester, Manchester


Is physiotherapy routinely required following video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS)?
P. Agostini, K. Adams, M. Kalkat, P. Rajesh, R. Steyn, B. Naidu, E. Bishay
Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham


The benefits of hosting a regular national VATS training course for thoracic theatre nurses - a personal account
A. Templin
Southampton University Hospital NHS Trust, Southampton


Work-related neck and back pain on surgical care practitioners in cardiothoracic surgery - a multicentre survey
B. Krishnamoorthy1, N. Devan1, A. Nasir1, W.R. Critchley1, T. Rankin2, J. Djordevic3, P.D. Waterworth1, A. Caress1
University Hospital South Manchester, Manchester1; Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, Plymouth2; Oxford University Hospital NHS Trust, Oxford3, UK


A randomised trial comparing normal monofilament knotted sutures with barbed knotless sutures for donor leg wound closure in coronary artery bypass surgery
B. Krishnamoorthy, J. Nair, N. Devan, W.R. Critchley, A. Nasir, J.B. Barnard, B. Isalska, R.V. Venkateswaran, J.E. Fildes, N. Yonan
University Hospital South Manchester, Manchester


Cardiac surgical wounds, are we underestimating their impact on recovery?
K. Hewitt, N. Dodman, R.V. Venkateswaran
University Hospital South Manchester, Manchester


Wake up from alarm fatigue: using our monitors wisely
S. Jill
California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, USA

Brighton 2013


An investigation of peak cough flow (PCF) rates post lung resection
K.E. Devenney, C. Griffin, S. Mitchell, R. Ryan
St James's Hospital, Dublin, Ireland


The first UK experience with Posthorax® vest - prophylactic use results in reduced sternal wound complications following sternotomy
N. Nikolaidis, I. Manoly, M. Kaarne,G . Tsang, S. Ohri, S. Livesey, C. Barlow
Wessex Cardiac Centre, Souuthampton, UK


The chain of survival in pre-hospital cardiac arrest - a HEMS perspective
J Robinson
Essex and Hertfordshire Air Ambulance, UK


Intercostal drain to treat pre-hospital tension pneumothorax
J Robinson
Essex and Hertfordshire Air Ambulance, UK


Non-medical prescribing: how safe are we?
D. Southey, N. Khan, S. Sherwood, H. Luckraz
New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton, UK


Implementation of care rounds in a single room care environment
S McLaughlin
Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Glasgow, UK


Colloid versus crystalloid solutions for volume Replacement: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials
S.H. Qureshi1, S.I.A. Rizvi1, N.N. Patel1, V. Verheyden2, G.J. Murphy2
1University of Leicester, Glenfield General Hospital, Leicester, UK
2Bristol Heart Institute, University of Bristol, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol, UK,


Establishing a new national preparatory simulation based course for ST3 level cardiothoracic surgery trainees
S.M. Love1, A. Sepehripour2, D. McCormack2
1Liverpool/UK, 2London/UK


Patient understanding and experience of their sternotomy and the promotion of wound healing
L. Nolan, S. Kivi, G. Hall, F. Bhatti
Morriston Hospital, Swansea, UK


Too many tests: a quality improvement study assessing usefulness of CXR requests following cardiac surgery
S. Pierre, A. Shafi, J.T. Murchison, G. Ritchie, M. Hendry
Royal Infirmary Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK


Thermo-reactive clips do not prevent sternal wound infection in obese patients after cardiac surgery
C. Burdett1, S. Kendall1, J. Dunning1, A. Owens1, A. Goodwin1, S. Hunter1, J. Ferguson1, T. Smailes1, C.-H. Yap2, E. Akowuah1
1Middlesbrough, UK, 2Victoria, AU


The physical recovery of VATS lobectomy patients compared to that of those undergoing open thoracotomy
Agostini P, Bishay E, Massey K, Kalkat M, Rajesh P, Steyn R, Naidu B.
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK


Does the extent of lung resection influence recovery & analgesic requirements after video assisted thoracoscopic surgery
V.Richardson, M-S. Kolokotroni, A.Stevenson, A. Alzetani
University Hospital, Southampton, UK


Patient utilisation of a cardiothoracic wound clinic: potential to reduce complications and readmission rates
S. Ibrahim, A. Sitzberger, K. Clark, R. Ochoa, A. Coipell, A.M. Hogan, A. Shipolini
London Chest Hospital, London, UK


Post-operative wound infection following cardiac surgery: incidence, predictors, and impact on hospital resources
Rizvi SIA, Mace L, Bartle K, Farinas C, Garcia D, Ascione R
Bristol Heart Institute, University of Bristol, UK


Attitudes of patients to participate in research when being admitted to hospital with acute chest pain
H. Small, A.M. Ranasinghe, J. Mascaro, R. Bonser
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK


ANTICS: antibiotic implant in cardiac surgery
J. Alderton1, C. Hayward3, S. Creanor2, A. Barton3, C. Pritchard4, V. Avlonitis1, A.J. Marchbank1
1. Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Plymouth/UK,
2. Plymouth University, Plymouth/UK,
3. Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, Plymouth/UK,
4. RDS South West, Truro/UK


ART Arterial revascularisation trial: The Patient, The GP, The Primary Care Team; their relationship, adherence to treatment and the implications for Research
J.M. Cook
John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK


Standardising the consent process for cardiac surgery: a prospective study comparing the current Department of Health informed consent form with a modified, pre-printed consent form
B. Krishnamoorthy, K. Yap, J. Porter, S. Mohammed, B. Kirmani, W.R. Critchley, N. Koumallos, D. White, P.D. Waterworth
University Hospital South Manchester, Manchester, UK


Increasing post-operative delirium in cardiac surgery patients
K. Kindness, H. El-Shafei, L. Lawman
Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, UK


Door to knife time – timeline of patients presenting with acute type A aortic dissection
P. Sastry, J. Maraka, N. Moorjani
Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, UK


Enhancing safety in cardiac surgery: the potential impact of human factors training
D. Bleetman, T Dale
Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals, Basildon, UK


Giant intrapleural mass: an unusual presentation of Hodgkin’s lymphoma
P.J. McElnay, R. Llewellyn-Bennett, D. West
University Hospitals, Bristol, UK


Less invasive approaches to the aortic valve
A. Chukwuemeka
Hammersmith Hospital, London, UK


If MIAVR is so good why do we not all do it?
J. Smyth, G. Beattie, O. Nzewi
Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, UK


The National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses (NLCFN) and the Thoracic Surgical Group (TSG)
A. Bradley
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK


Prevention of poststernotomy wound infections in obese patients by Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
O. Grauhan, A. Navasardyan, M. Hofmann, P. Mueller, J. Stein, R. Hetzer
Berlin, Germany


The quality of online information about cardiac surgery
D.R. McGowan1, K. Qamar2, A. Hayes2, J.J. French2
1Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
2Brishton and Sussex Medical School


Patients’ perception of minimally invasive aortic valve replacement surgery
M.A. van Loo, J.D. Broughton, A. Goodwin, E. Akowuah
The James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, UK


Enhancing the patient pathway by introduction of an Advanced Nurse Practitioner role in thoracic surgery
J. Mitchell
John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK

London 2011

anticoagulation clinic

How good is your local Anticoagulation Clinic? Audit of time in therapeutic range of patients discharged on oral anticoagulation therapy
Ishtiaq Ahmed
James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough

combined rota

True Inter-professional working - a combined rota for junior doctors, nurse practitioners and cardiac surgical care practitioners
D Tragheim, G Chilton, G Cooper, P Braidley
Northern General Hospital, Sheffield

end of life

Introduction of an End of Life Care Process
L. Truesdale, T. Williamson, K. Mouats
Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Clydebank, Scotland

fast track

The impact of the postoperative "fast-track" protocol on patient management and outcomes
A Sharkey, P Braidley, N Briffa, G Cooper, S Forlani, D Hopkinson, T Locke, P Sarkar, G Wilkinson, G Chetty
Northern General Hospital, Sheffield

in house waiting

Survey of the in-house urgent patient experience whilst waiting for surgery
Libby Nolan, Valerie Meredith, Aidil Syed, F Bhatti, Mr A Zaidi
Cardiothoracic Unit, Morriston Hospital, Swansea, Wales

lung cancer rehab

Rehabilitation for Operated Lung Cancer (ROC)
M. Abdelaziz, A. Bradley, P. Agostini, MS. Kalkat, E. Bishay, RS. Steyn, PB. Rajesh, B. Naidu
Regional Department of Thoracic surgery, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

missing link

The Missing Link: the role of the cardiac surgical care practitioner in bridging the service training gap
A.H.Walker, S.E.Deacon & L.Hadjinikolaou
Glenfield Hospital, UHL NHS Trust


Minimising Patient Morbidity: The Next Challenge in Cardiothoracic Surgery
Charlene Tennyson, David McCormack, Sammra Ibrahim, Philipp Lohrmann, Alex Shipolini
The London Chest Hospital


A Survey of Quality of Life Following Surgery for Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma: Reflects the patients’ commitment to Learning about the Disease
D A Raffle, A Barua, A E Martin-Ucar
Thoracic Surgery Unit, Nottingham University Hospital Trust


Nurse Practitioners Can Safely Provide Sole Resident Cover For Cardiac Intensive Care Units
Nanjaiah P, Skinner H, Jutley RS, Mitchell IM, McCartney S, Richens D
Trent Cardiac Centre, Nottingham

NP training

Reflection on the Implementation of a Nurse Practitioner training programme in a large Cardiothoracic Surgical Unit
Sandra Laidler
The Newcstle Upon Tyne Hospitals

nurse led clinic

The Role of Nurse-led Post-Operative Cardiac Clinics: A Fifteen Month Experience in Wales
A Parkes, D Mehta, M Jenkins
University Hospital of Wales, United Kingdom

secondary prevention

Secondary Prevention Following Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting: are we Compliant with the Guidelines?
V. Joshi, B. Bridgewater
University Hospital of South Manchester

thoracic nurse led clinic

Impact of a Thoracic Nurse-Led Clinic
Dr S Williams, Dr J Williams, Mr P Tcherveniakov, Mr R Milton
Department of Thoracic Surgery, St James’s University Hospital, Leeds