Marian Ionescu

The SCTS Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Mr Marian Ionescu at the annual meeting in Manchester 2015. Mr Ionescu generously accepted the award.

Mr Mike Lewis: Introduction to award

It is my honour and privilege to deliver the oratory for Mr Marian Ionescu’s lifetime achievement award.

I first met Mr Ionescu when we were introduced by the late Patrick McGee. I recollect that I was apprehensive of meeting such a revered figure from our specialty. I needn’t have fretted! Mr Ionescu has an easy charm and has a wide range of interest making him great company and a fascinating man to talk to.

The SCTS lifetime achievement award is an award made to recognise outstanding contribution to the field of cardiothoracic surgery. The recent recipients of this award are indeed a roll call of some of the greats of our specialty and include Donald Ross, Terence English, Peter Goldstraw, Magdi Yacoub and Bill Brawn. This illustrious hall of fame has a new esteemed member.

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Mr Marian Ionescu: Acceptance

Mr President, Ladies and Gentlemen

I am very honoured and deeply moved to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from our Society. I receive this prestigious distinction with humility because I learned the causes and the value of things; I receive it with great appreciation because I know the valour of my colleagues and I receive it also with great pleasure because I know the song of my heart. It represents for me the culmination of a career which evolved while I was a member of this scientific Society.

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