Blood management
G Murphy (Leicester UK) introduces blood management and how it affects outcomes in cardiac surgery.
Blood economics
A Hoffmann (Perth, Australia) discusses the economics of blood transfusion.
P Bolton - Maggs (Manchester, UK), its Medical Director, reviews the history and role of Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT).
Blood transfusion audit
S Allard (London, UK) presents a national comparative audit of blood transfusion in cardiac surgery.
Blood conservation
G Murphy (Leicester, UK) gives an overview of blood management strategies in cardiac surgery.
Blood conservation methods
A Klein (Cambridge, UK) looks at blood conservation measures in cardiac surgery.
Anaemia pathogenesis
A Klein (Cambridge, UK) reviews the incidence and causes of anaemia
Preoperative anaemia management
C von Heymann (Berlin, Germany) reviews the incidence of preoperative anaemia in cardiac surgery and considers its contribution to adverse outcomes.
Preoperative anaemia and adverse outcomes
M Ranucci (Milan, Italy) explores the literature evidence for adverse outcomes associated with anaemia in cardiac surgery.
Preoperative anaemia & poor outcomes
A Carey (Plymouth, UK) looks at the impact of low preoperative haemoglobin on outcomes in patients undergoing urgent coronary bypass surgery.
Intravenous iron for anaemia
T Richards (London, UK) details the importance of iron and its transport mechanisms. He then reviews the history of intravenous iron administration and looks at novel options.
Red cell washing
N Patel (Bristol, UK) reports on a study of red cell washing in a porcine model , attempting to reduce the incidence of transfusion related acute lung injury.
Coagulopathy pathogenesis
J Thachil (Manchester, UK) gives some new insights into the coagulation cascade and the pathogenisis of bleeding after cardiac surgery.
Coagulopathy pathogenesis
H New (London, UK) reviews coagulation, tests for coagulopathy, and changes in DIC and acute traumatic coagulopathy. Management strategies are discussed.
Coagulopathy diagnosis
K Görlinger (Essen, Germany) gives an overview on the management of postoperative coagulopathy based on ROTEM results.
Non red cell treatment and adjuncts
D Mazer (Toronto, Canada) considers the management of postoperative bleeding, looking in particular at the emerging evidence for component therapy.
Non RBC components & bleeding
W Lester (Birmingham) considers the use of non-red blood cell components in major haemorrhage, with emphasis on the role of fibrinogen.
Bleeding & Factor VII
R Gill (Southampton, UK) considers haemostatic mechanisms and the use of rFVIIa as a bail out adjunct.
REPLACE trial of iv fibrinogen
R Gill, Southampton, UK discusses the role of fibrinogen in coagulation and the REPLACE trial of its use in complex cardiovascular surgery.
Coagulopathy prevention
D Mazer (Toronto, Canada) discusses the pharmacological prevention of coagulopathy, looking in detail at the evidence for and against the use of tranexamic acid and aprotinin.
Tranexamic acid
A Kelleher (London, UK) considers the use of tranexamic acid to reduce bleeding in cardiac surgery.
D Cheng (London, Canada) reviews the rise and fall of aprotinin as an anti-fibrinolytic agent in cardiac surgery.
Aprotinin regulation
D Royston (London, UK) reviews the history of aprotinin and its licencing.
Managing multimodality anti-platelet therapy
W Lester (Birmingham, UK) explains how anti-platelet agents work and gives evidence-based advice on peri-operative management.
Antiplatelets - PCI
D Hildick-Smith (Brighton, UK) gives an overview of the use of anti-platelet agents in patients underging PCI with stenting.
Antiplatelets - CABG
N Roberts (London, UK) gives an update on anti-platelet use in coronary bypass surgery patients.
Antiplatelets - PLATO trial (Ticagrelor)
C McDonald (AstraZeneca) describes the PLATO trial of ticagrelor vs clopidogrel in acute coronary syndrome. The CABG sub-group results are presented.
Antiplatelets - advances
N Khan (Wolverhampton, UK) gives an overview of current antiplatelet agents, their limitations, and looks at strategies to overcome these limitations.
Emerging blood products
N Currie (London, UK) discusses the emerging roles of fibrinogen concentrate and prothrombin complex concentrate (PCC).
Bleeding prediction
A Jeppsson (Goteborg, Sweden) assesses how postoperative bleeding might be predicted and thereby prevented.
Bleeding assessment
M Besser (Cambridge, UK) discusses assessment of the bleeding patient, looking at laboratory and point of care testing, and considering possible interventions.
Bleeding & point of care testing
M Ranucci (Milan, Italy) discusses the bleeding patient and point of care testing, particularly with the use of TEG / ROTEM.
Blood transfusion and adverse outcomes
G Murphy (Leicester, UK) dissects the evidence for an association between blood transfusion and adverse outcome.
Paediatric surgery bleeding
H New (London, UK) presents highlights from a multicentre survey of blood component use in paediatric cardiac surgery.