Lung cancer direct surgical referral - debate
S Stamenkovic (Newcastle, UK) and R Milton (Leeds, UK) debate whether patients with lung cancer should have a direct surgical referral.
Surgery in borderline lung function
G Rocco (Naples, Italy) considers the difficulties of defining the high risk patient for lung resection. He explains why he thinks that wedge resection remains a valid option is some cases and looks at the increasing importance of minimally-invasive approaches.
SABR in borderline lung function
M Snee (Leeds, UK) explains how Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR) works and considers which patients are suitable for this treatment.
Debate: SABR and limited resection in lung cancer
S Ahmad (London, UK) explains the current techniques used in stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR). S Barnard (Newcastle, UK) considers limited resection in poor lung function. A panel discussion about the optimal treatment strategy follows.
Debate: surgery+chemotherapy for single station N2 lung cancer
S Jordon (London, UK) and J Maguire (Liverpool, UK) debate whether patients with single station N2 disease should have surgical resection.
PulMiCC trial for colorectal metastases - debate
J Edwards (Sheffield, UK), N Chaudhuri (Leeds, UK) and the audience debate the merits of the PulMiCC trial for colorectal lung metastases.
VATS lobectomy: the new standard of care?
R Petersen (Copenhagen, Denmark) describes some difficult situations in VATS lobectomy before addressing training and the learning curve.
VATS lobectomy programme development in Copenhagen
R Petersen (Copenhagen, Denmark) gives a detailed description of the VATS lobectomy programme in Copenhagen, including a video demonstration of a right upper lobectomy.
Uniportal VATS lobectomy programme establishment
D Gonzalez-Rivas (Coruna, Spain) describes his uniportal VATS lobectomy technique.
Mixed practice VATS lobectomy
J Dunning (Middlesbrough, UK) describes how he set up a VATS lobectomy programme as a mixed practice cardiothoracic surgeon.
VATS lobectomy training
S Stamenkovic (Newcastle, UK) discusses how to train in VATS lobectomies, looking at other professions and the importance of simulation.
Uniportal VATS endochamelon camera
Eric Lim of the Royal Brompton Hospital, London, UK describes the benefits of using an endochamelon camera in performing VATS lobectomy. He includes an operative video of a sleeve resection.
Fundamentals of thoracic surgery robotics
F Melfi (Pisa, Italy) describes her experience in the use of robotics in thoracic surgery. She looks at the history of robotic developments before explaining the potential advantages. She gives a detailed review of the literature in this area and illustrates her techniques with video demonstrations.
Robotic lung resection
A Toker (Istanbul, Turkey) explains his views on the use of VATS and robotics for lung resection. He considers current evidence and shows video demonstrations of his techniques.
Emphysema management advances
M Morgan (Leicester, UK) discusses assessment and case selection of emphysema patients in a multidisciplinary setting.
Emphysema, Cardiff experience
M. Kornaszewska (Cardiff, UK) describes the Cardiff experience with endobronchial valves in the management of emphysema.
Emphysema case based discussion
M Shackloth (Liverpool, UK) presents a case of emphysema for panel discussion.
Endobronchial lung volume reduction
F Herth (Heidelberg, Germany) gives an overview of interventional treatment options in emphysema.
LVRS as gold standard for emphysema
D Waller (Leicester, UK) argues that lung volume reduction surgery remains the gold standard intervention for emphysema. He reviews the NETT trial and the evidence for valves and coils, before presenting data from his own unit.
LVRS & transplantation
D Van Raemdonck (Leuven, Belgium) reviews the relative benefits of lung volume reduction surgery and lung transplantation in patients with emphysema.
Intrapulmonary sepsis - case based discussion
I Hunt (London, UK) presents a case for interactive audience discussion.
Aspergillosis & tuberculosis
D Denning (Manchester, UK) gives an excellent overview of the management of aspergillosis, including indications for surgery.
Pulmonary aspergillosis surgery
G Massard (Strasbourg, France) considers the role of surgery in aspergillosis.
Dealing with complications in VATS Surgery
S Blackmon of The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA gives a very honest talk on the problem of bleeding in VATS lobectomies. Using video demonstrations, she describes her calm and logical approach to dealing with these potentially catastrophic situations.
Superior sulcus tumour resection
Professor Philippe G Dartevelle of Marie Lannelongue Hospital and Paris-Sud University, France describes his anterior approach to these complex tumours.
Pulmonary metastastectomy
P Van Schil of the Department of Thoracic and Vascular Surgery, Antwerp University Hospital, Belgium looks at the evidence for pulmonary metastasectomy and how local control might be improved.
VATS surgery - where are we in 2016?
Professor Peter Licht of Odense University Hospital, Denmark considers the increasing uptake of the VATS approach and looks at potential future developments.
Debate: Emphysema - Lung Volume Reduction Surgery
Richard Whyte of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, United States discusses the evidence in favour of lung volume reduction surgery and ponders why more procedures are not performed.
VATS LVRS still the gold standard
S Rathinam, Leicester, UK
Lung transplantation
GA Patterson, Washington, USA
Emphysema - Endobronchial Volume Reduction (debate)
Felix Herth of Thoraxklinik, University of Heidelberg, Germany considers the evidence for the different endobronchial approaches available in the management of emphysema.
Electrosurgery in thoracic practice
Rene Petersen of Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark discusses the advantages and disadvantages of different electrosurgical options. He uses several video clips to demonstrate his techniques.
Does VATS improve outcomes over open lobectomy?
Douglas J Mathisen of the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA presents a detailed review of the current status of VATS lobectomy in comparison with open procedures.
Minimally invasive complex lung resections
R Petersen (Copenhagen, Denmark describes his approach to difficult resections using a VATS approach. He uses several video clips to demonstrate his techniques.