Narain Moorjani


Narain Moorjani is Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at Papworth Hospital and Associate Lecturer at the University of Cambridge. He came to Papworth Hospital having previous worked as a Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at the Royal Brompton Hospital, London and Assistant Professor in Cardiothoracic Surgery in Philadelphia, USA. Prior to that, he completed a research doctorate of medicine (MD) at the University of Oxford and National Heart and Lung Institute, London, investigating the genes involved in the development of heart failure.

In addition, he has published the ‘Key Questions’ series of textbooks (including ‘Key Questions in Cardiac Surgery’ and ‘Key Questions in Thoracic Surgery’), ‘Recent Advances and Techniques in Cardiac Surgery’ and ‘Key Topics in Cardiac Surgery (2nd ed)’.

He is the SCTS Cardiac Surgery Tutor and a member of the SCTS Education Committee.