NHS changes

New NHS commissioning
N Moat (CRG, UK) explains the new NHS commissioning process.
Commissioning and clinical outcomes in new NHS
K Caston (London, UK) explains some of the fundamental changes to commissioning in the new NHS.
From training to practice
E Verrier (Washington, USA) discusses the transition from training to practice, looking at possible solutions in the modern era.
Training in new NHS
C Munsch (HEE, UK) gives an overview of developments in cardiothoracic training.
Mitral valve surgery commissioning
S Ray (Manchester, UK) argues for the development of valve centres of excellence, based on the recommendations in guidelines.
UK mitral valve surgery status
B Bridgewater (Manchester, UK) explains how the UK database can be used to inform commissioning of mitral valve services.
Mitral valve commissioning - achieving change
J Dark (Newcastle, UK) describes how a mitral valve service was set up in Newcastle.
Commissioning in heart valve surgery
N Briffa (Shiffield, UK) explains the commissioning process for valve surgery in the English NHS.