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SCTS Ionescu Scholarship for Non-NTN Doctors in Cardiothoracic Surgery

SCTS Education is pleased to announce scholarships to be awarded to non-NTN doctors in cardiothoracic surgery to facilitate professional development

The scholarship can be utilised for further education, training, and development of management, leadership skills, and service improvement. The aim of the scholarship is to enhance and assist the individual, the team they work in, their parent organisation, and the cardiothoracic specialty as a whole. Read more

Ionescu non-NTN scholarship 2015

V Srivastava presents his experience at the SCTS 2016 Annual Meeting

SCTS Vision for NCCGs

From the December 2014 Bulletin

Mr M S Kalkat
Consultant Thoracic surgeon,
Birmingham Heartlands Hospital
(NCCG Lead SCTS Education)

Mr S Rathinam
Consultant Thoracic surgeon,
University Hospitals of Leicester
and SCTS Thoracic Surgery Tutor

Concept: SCTS Education’s vision is to offer education and training courses to all the multi-professional staff of our wide speciality.

The Cardiothoracic medical workforce comprises of Consultants, trainees and non- consultant career grade doctors. There are various programmes which are aimed at Consultants and the Trainees have formalised a structured curriculum based courses for the trainees under the auspices of the SCTS education developed by the Tutors.

The NCCG doctors do not get opportunities to attend meetings and the funding is limited, moreover they provide the service allowing the trainees to attend these educational events.

SCTS Education has addressed this gap in their training needs by constructing a course aimed specifically for NCCGs in CT Surgery which covers both clinical and professional aspects.

The first step in that venture was the NCCG Symposium.

SCTS NCCG Symposium

Course Directors:
Mr M S Kalkat, Consultant Thoracic surgeon, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital (NCCG Lead SCTS Education)
Mr U Dandekar, Consultant Cardiac surgeon, University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire
Mr S Rathinam, Consultant Thoracic surgeon, University Hospitals of Leicester and SCTS Thoracic Surgery Tutor

The course was held on the 8th September 2014 in the Clinical Sciences Building University Hospital, Coventry. It was supported with an educational grant from Covidien which allowed the SCTS Education to offer this free to the delegates.

28 delegates attended the meeting with a good spread from various units across the United Kingdom. The symposium ran well completing the learning objectives of meeting. The faculty were very enthusiastic and informative in supporting and coaching the delegates.

The course had four themed section, the first focussed on Professional affairs covering Portfolio, Appraisal process, Supporting professional activities and CESR.

The next session was run as cardiac and thoracic themed parallel clinical sessions. The cardiac theme had updates on Coronary
surgery, Valve surgery and TAVI and Aortic surgery. The Thoracic surgery theme had similar updates on Lung cancer, minimally
invasive surgery and Chest wall surgery.

The third session initiated with a SCTS NCCG Interaction followed by patient safety issues covering informed consent and
patient safety and Complaints process.

The Final session had a brief introduction to Effective interview technique followed by small group mock interview.


1 Professional Affairs

Maintaining a portfolio and Appraisal process in the Era of Revalidation
Mr U Dandekar, University Hospitals Coventry

How to enhance your career with supporting professional activities
Mr S Rathinam University Hospitals Leicester

CESR: Rules and Regulations Specialist registration through article
Mr PB Rajesh, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

2a Cardiac surgery

Coronary surgery
Mr A Szafrenek, Nottingham University Hospitals

Valve surgery and TAVI
Mr S Billing, Newcross Hospital Wolverhampton

Aortic surgery
Mr L Balacumaraswami, University Hospitals of North Staffordshire, Stoke on Trent

2b Thoracic surgery

Lung cancer Mr KS Rammohan, University Hospitals of South Manchester

Minimally invasive surgery Mr S M Woolley Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital

Benign and Malignant Chest wall condition Mr MS Kalkat Consultant Thoracic surgeon, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

3 NCCG and Patient Interaction

What SCTS can do for you and what you can offer SCTS
Mr S Kendall, James Cook University Hospital Middlesboro

Obtaining informed consent and patient safety
Mr R S Steyn, Associate Medical Director, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

Complaints process in the NHS
Mr R S Steyn, Associate Medical Director, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

4 Interview Techniques

Effective interview techniques
Mr U Dandekar, University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire

Small group mock interview


feedbackThe faculty feedback was very positive with various suggestions to improve the course.

The delegate feedback was very positive both about the course content as well as the faculty’s style of delivery with a majority rating it as excellent and the rest as very good (Scale of Poor 1-5 Excellent).


The society appreciates the contribution of the NCCG doctors towards management of cardiothoracic patients and maintaining high
standard of care and quality. SCTS Education has an NCCG lead and hence the following important decisions have been made.

The NCCG members will be offered the following benefits:

1 There will be concerted effort to encourage NCCG doctors to get involved with society, its activities and development. The
suggestions from the group will be welcomed and implemented to take this forwards.

2 We aim to offer two free courses per year, one based on clinical component and the other on professional development. The funding for these two courses have been secured and the plan†is to hold them in April and September respectively.

3 There is provision of two NCCGs fellowships of £5000 each for suitable candidates to pursue their career.

4 A working group to be formed to discuss the issues pertinent to NCCG doctors and explore future developments.

This will only be possible if NCCGs become members and engage with SCTS.

We seek assistance in circulating this to Clinical Fellows, Staff grades and Associate Specialists you know, or work with or have contact details.

We will also appreciate if you could help us in developing the database of the NCCG doctors working in UK and Ireland, by forwarding me their contact details.

Professional Development Course for SAS doctors

SCTS Education with support from Covidien has embarked on delivering educational and training courses for SAS doctors in Cardiothoracic Surgery.

The aim of the course is overall professional development of the doctors with particular emphasis on maintaining revalidation portfolio, complaints and response process, informed consent, effective interview and presentation techniques, supporting professional activities in the job roles and CESR application process.

See below for details of the next course:

 Read more