Digital drains
A Brunelli (Leeds, UK) discusses the benefits of digital drainage systems in thoracic practice.
Digital drains & standards of care
A Brunelli (Leeds, UK) reviews the evidence for electronic digital drainage systems. He explains the mechanism and benefits of regulated suction.
Residual pleural space management
G Massard (Strasbourg, France) discusses the causes of a residual pleural space and considers the options for management.
Thoracoscopy under local anaesthesia
M Munavvar (Preston, UK) describes the use of semi-rigid thoracoscopy under sedation for the diagnosis and management of pleural diseases.
Pulmonary sepsis surgery
A Toker (Istanbul, Turkey) gives an overview of pulmonary infections which may require surgical intervention.
Medical management of pleural infection
N Maskell (Bristol, UK) discusses the medical management of pleural infection, including the possible use of medical thoracoscopy.
Pleural sepsis management
G Massard (Strasbourg, France) gives an overview of the management of empyema.
Pleural sepsis surgery
A Toker (Istanbul, Turkey) gives an overview of the surgical options for treating intra-pleural sepsis.
Complex thoracic infections
G Massard (Strasbourg, France) reviews the management of the pleural space in complex situations.
Thoracic sepsis case based discussion
M Will (Edinburgh, UK) presents a complex thoracic case for discussion.
Mesothelioma oncology
S Popat (London, UK) reviews the evidence for the use of chemotherapy in malignant mesothelioma and explores developing therapeutic options.
Mesothelioma surgery
D Sugarbaker (Boston, USA) illustrates in detail his techniques for extrapleural pneumonectomy and pleurectomy/decortication.
Extrapleural pneumonectomy indications
P Van Schil (Antwerp, Belgium) stresses the importance of correct terminology before reviewing the results of landmark trials of surgery in the management of mesothelioma.
Extended pleurectomy decortication
A Nakas (Leicester, UK) gives an overview of the surgical options in malignant pleural mesothelioma. He concludes that extended pleurectomy decortication should be used in suitable cases.
Mesothelioma debulking
T Tsitsias (Leicester, UK) presents his unit's results comparing extended pleurectomy decortication with VATS debulking for malignant pleural mesothelioma.
Virtual thoracic MDT (2)
M Hawari (Nottingham, UK) presents a complex case of persistent chylothorax for discussion.
Mesothelioma - role of surgeon is to palliate only
Robert Rintoul of Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, UK, as part of a debate, reviews the outcomes of the major trials before concluding that currently all surgery for mesothelioma is palliative.
Mesothelioma debate: surgery offers the best outcome
Paul Van Schil of the Department of Thoracic and Vascular Surgery, Antwerp University Hospital, Antwerp, Belgium reviews the evidence from surgical trials, noting a shift in practice towards extended pleurectomy-decortication.
VATS sympathectomy - is it of low clinical value?
Pala Rajesh of Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham, UK considers the usefulness of VATS sympathectomy, showing his technique involving resection.