Right heart

AV valves and ventricles comparison
F Wells (Cambridge, UK) describes the similarities and fundamental differences between both the A-V valves and the ventricles. Important aspects of embryology, morphology and physiology are highlighted.
Tricuspid valve pathophysiology
P Punjabi (London, UK) describes the mechanisms involved in the development of tricuspid valve disease, imaging techniques for assessment and indications for intervention. Some operative videos of complex repairs are shown.
Tricuspid valve replacement indications
P Perier (Bad Neustadt, Germany) discusses the mechanisms of functional tricuspid regurgitation. The importance of the right ventricle is stressed. Mechanisms of repair failure are described and indications for valve replacement given.
Tricuspid valve regurgitation surgical options
P Perier (Bad Neustadt, Germany) discusses the clinical significance of tricuspid valve regurgitation and options for surgical management.
Tricuspid valve repair techniques
M Abdelaziz (Coventry, UK) looks at his unit's experience of tricuspid valve repair using a variety of techniques.
Endoscopic tricuspid valve surgery
J Zacharias (Blackpool, UK) describes some tips in performing endoscopic tricuspid valve surgery.
Percutaneous tricuspid valve replacement
M Borger (Leipzig, Germany) reviews the current status of percutaneous tricuspid valve implantation.
Right ventricular preoperative assessment
M Seeberger (Basel, Switzerland) gives a detailed description of right ventricular preoperative imaging, with emphasis on extra TOE views to improve assessment.
Right ventricular assessment - congenital lessons
S Thorne (Birmingham, UK) reviews the preoperative assessment of the right ventricle and the tricuspid valve, stressing the importance of protection of RV function in the long-term.
Acute severe RV dysfunction
D Jenkins (Cambridge, UK) discusses decision-making and management in acute severe right ventricular dysfunction after cardiopulmonary bypass.
RV dysfunction management
A Combes (Paris, France) describes mechanisms of right ventricular dysfunction and risk scoring for prediction, particularly in the contact of transplantation an LVAD therapy. Treatment options, including ECMO and RVAD implantation, are discussed. J Pepke-Zaba (Cambridge, UK) then discusses the role of pulmonary vascular resistance manipulation
Untreated functional tricuspid regurgitation
S Bello (Cambridge, UK) looks at the natural history of functional tricuspid regurgitation if left unrepaired during mitral valve surgery.
Surgery for late RV failure after mitral valve surgery
F Wells (Cambridge, UK) discusses the difficult area of tricuspid regurgitation and failing right ventricular function late after mitral valve surgery.
Carcinoid heart disease
N Howell (Birmingham, UK) presents his unit's experience with carcinoid heart disease. T Oelofse (Birmingham, UK) discusses the anaesthetic principles of managing these patients.
Transoesophageal echocardiography of tricuspid valve: repair or not
J Bence (Leicester, UK) reviews the evidence for intervention on the tricuspid valve.
Transoesophageal echocardiography of the right heart
A Denault (Montreal, Canada) discusses the use of TOE in right ventricular failure, considering RV anatomy and optimising the RV views.