SCTS Ionescu University 2014


Contemporary Aortic Surgery

SCTS Ionescu University
March 10, 2014

Aortic Dissection Surgery:
The Interface with Vascular Surgery

The Changing Face of Aortic Dissection Surgery
Moderation: C. Young1, O. Wendler1, R. Deshpande1, G. Asimakopoulos2;
1 London/UK, 2 Bristol/UK

Cannulation Strategies in Acute Type A Aortic Dissection Surgery
M. Sabetai; London/UK

Evolving Strategies in Acute Type A Aortic Dissection Surgery
J. Elefteriades; New Haven/US

Evolving Strategies in the Management of Type B Aortic Dissection
H. Safi; Texas/US

Hybrid Approaches and the Consequences of Extra-Anatomic Bypasses
P. Taylor; London/UK

Type B Aortic Dissection: Assessing the Risk of Rupture and Planning Endovascular Repairs
R. Clough; London/UK

Aortic Arch Surgery

Contemporary Surgical Management of Aortic Arch Pathology
Moderation: C. Young1, A. Oo2, G. Tsang3, M. Petrou4, J. Kuo5;
1 London/UK, 2 Liverpool/UK, 3 Southampton/UK, 4 Oxford/UK, 5 Plymouth/UK

Arterial Cannulation in Aortic Arch Surgery
M. Sabetai; London/UK

Strategies to Minimise Brain Injury in Aortic Arch Surgery
D. Harrington; Liverpool/UK

Cerebral Monitoring During Aortic Arch Surgery
A. Chawla; London/UK

The Different Surgical Options for Aortic Arch Replacement
J. Elefteriades; New Haven/US

Open Surgery and/or Endovascular Stenting in the Treatment of Aortic Arch and Thoracoabdominal Aorta Pathology
H. Safi; Texas/UK

The Frozen Elephant Trunk: Indications, Technique and Results
A. Oo; Liverpool/UK

A Masterclass in Atrial Fibrillation Surgery

SCTS Ionescu University
March 10, 2014

Atrial fibrillation in context

Moderation: P. Braidley1, C. Blauth2, J. Zacharias3;
1 Sheffield/UK, 2 London/UK, 3 Blackpool/UK

The Atrial Fibrillation Epidemic: Implications for Commissioning
D. Connelly Glasgow/UK

Clinical Excellence for Atrial Fibrillation: NICE Guidance
C. Cowan; Leeds/UK

Evolution of the Surgical Maze Procedure
J. Cox; St Louis/US


Concomitant Atrial Fibrillation Surgery:
Achieving and Defining Success

Moderation: C. Blauth1, T. Bahrami1, P. Ridley2;
1 London/UK, 2 Stoke-on-Trent/UK

Many Energy Sources, Many Devices
M. Dalrymple-Hay; Plymouth/UK

How should we Measure Outcomes after AF Ablation?
M. O’Neill; London/UK

Who should have Concomitant AF Ablation? Lessons from the AMAZE Trial
S. Nashef; Cambridge/UK


Management of the Left Atrial Appendage

Moderation: P. Braidley1, M. Lewis2, A. Tang3, S. Billing4;
1 Sheffield/UK, 2 Brighton/UK, 3 Blackpool/UK, 4 Wolverhampton/UK

Left Atrial Appendage Closure: The Evidence Base
J. Dunning; Middlesbrough/UK

Surgical Options for the Left Atrial Appendage
S. Salzberg; Zurich/CH

Technological Advances in Managing the Left Atrial Appendage
S.Benussi; San Raffaele/IT


Management of Lone Atrial Fibrillation and Future Developments

Moderation: J. Zacharias1, J. Cox2, A. Yilmaz3;
1 Blackpool/UK, 2 St Louis/US, 3 Amsterdam/NL

Unilateral Thoracoscopic Approach
G. Bisleri; Brescia/IT

Laparoscopic Convergent Procedure
B. Gersak; Ljubljana/SI

Hybrid Approach
M. La Meir; Maastricht/NL

VATS Ablation
M. Castella; Barcelona/ES

Looking Ahead: The Future for Surgical Management of Atrial Fibrillation
J. Cox; St Louis/UK


Coronary Artery Surgery: The Evidence behind Decision Making

SCTS Ionescu University
March 10, 2014

Implementing the ESC-EACTS Guidelines on Myocardial Revascularisation:
A Case Based Discussion

Moderation: D. Taggart1, J. Pepper2, A. de Souza2;
1 Oxford/UK, 2 London/UK

Proximal LAD Disease causing Stable Angina

Case Presentation

Surgery is Preferred
G. Laufer; Vienna/AT

PCI is Preferred
C. Hamm; Bad Nauheim/DE

What do the Guidelines Say?
P. Kolh;

Case Outcome

Multivessel Disease causing N-STEMI

Case Presentation

Surgery is Prefered
G. Laufer; Vienna/AT

PCI is Preferred
C. Hamm; Bad Nauheim/DE

What do the Guidelines say?
P. Kolh; Liege/BE

Case Outcome

Take Home Messages
D. Taggart; Oxford/UK

Importance of Completeness of Myocardial Revascularisation:
Evolving Concepts

Moderation: P. Kolh1, D. Keenan2, R. Sayeed3, S. Prasad4;
1 Liege/BE, 2 Manchester/UK, 3 Oxford/UK, 4 Edinburgh/UK

Review of the Evidence for PCI
C. Hamm; Bad Nauheim/DE

Review of the Evidence for CABG
P. Kolh; Liege/BE

Anatomy versus Function
C. Hamm; Bad Nauheim/DE


Take Home Messages
D. Taggart; Oxford/UK

“OPCAB Surgery should be Abandoned”:
What is the Real position?

Moderation: V. Zamvar1, S. Kendall2, D. Taggart3;
1 Edinburgh/UK, 2 Middlesbrough/UK, 3 Oxford/UK

M. Sousa Uva; Lisbon/PT

Against OPCAB
J. Pepper; London/UK

Cardiologist’s View on OPCAB
C. Hamm; Bad Nauheim/DE


Take Home Messages
S. Kendall; Middlesbrough/UK

Total Arterial Revascularisation

Moderation: D. Taggart1, A. Levine2, P. Kolh3, M. Amrani4;
1 Oxford/UK, 2 Stoke-on-Trent/UK, 3 Liege/BE, 4 London/UK

Bilateral Internal Mammary Artery Grafting
D. Taggart; Oxford/UK

Radial Artery Usage in CABG
M. Sousa Uva; Lisbon/PT

Can assessment of Graft Flow Improve the Success of
Surgical Revascularisation?
V. Zamvar; Edinburgh/UK

Did we Succeed in Improving Results of CABG?
P. Kolh; Liege/BE

Take Home Messages
D. Taggart1, P. Kolh2;
1 Oxford/UK, 2 Liege/BE

State of the Art Mitral Valve Surgery

SCTS Ionescu University
March 10, 2014

Degenerative Mitral Valve Disease:
Respect or Resect

Moderation: R. Patel1, P. Punjabi2, M. Bhabra3;
1Coventry/UK, 2London/UK, 3 Birmingham/UK

The Respect Philosophy
N. Moat; London/UK

The Resect Philosophy
D. Adams; New York/US

A Hybrid Philosophy
F. Wells; Cambridge/UK

Developing a Personal Philosophy
H. Vanermen; St Luc/BE


Early Intervention

Moderation: R. Uppal1, F. Wells2, B. Bridgewater3;
1 London/UK, 2 Cambridge/UK, 3 Manchester/UK

An Asymptomatic Patients presents......
B. Bridgewater, Manchester/UK

The Argument for Early Intervention
I. Ahmed; Brighton/UK

The Argument for Watchful Waiting
R. Rosenhek; Vienna/AT

What is not yet known?
D. Adams; New York/US

Overview of the UK Trial
S. Ray; Manchester/UK

An Asymptomatic Patient Presents.....
B. Bridgewater; Manchester/UK


Changes in the Commissioning of Mitral Valve Surgery

Moderation: S. Nair1, B. Bridgewater2, C. Barlow3, D. Richens4;
1 Newcastle/UK, 2 Manchester/UK, 3 Southampton/UK, 4 Nottingham/UK

Current Status of UK Mitral Valve Surgery
B. Bridgewater; Manchester/UK

Service Specification and Outcomes
S. Ray; Manchester/UK

Achieving Change
J. Dark; Newcastle/UK

Emerging thoughts from the Valve CRG
N. Briffa; Sheffield/UK

A non-UK Perspective
D. Adams; New York/UK


Examining the Merits of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Moderation: B. Bridgewater1, S. Kolvekar2, F. Wells3, C. Munsch4, M. Amrani2;
1 Manchester/UK, 2 London/UK, 3 Cambridge/UK, 4 Leeds/UK

Why should I set up a Minimally Invasive Programme?
H. Vanermen; St Luc/BE

How should I set up a Minimally Invasive Programme?
P. Modi; Liverpool/UK

Why should I not set up a Minimally Invasive Programme?
S. Livesey; Southampton/UK

What does not get published?
B. Bridgewater; Manchester/UK


Thoracic Surgery

SCTS Ionescu University
March 10, 2014

Multispecialty Thoracic Surgery

Moderation: D.G. West1, K. McManus2;
1 Bristol/UK, 2 Belfast/UK

General Points on Multispecialty Surgery: Organisation, Location, Coordination
D. West; Bristol/UK

Combined Oesophageal and Airway Surgery

Managing Oesophago-airway Fistulae
R. Page; Liverpool/UK


Chest Wall Surgery: Planning and Performing Major Resections

Thoracic Surgical Aspects: Decision Making, Excision, Reconstruction
M. Kalkat, Birmingham/UK

Soft Tissue Cover for Major Chest Wall Resection
H. Khalil, Birmingham/UK

Chest Wall Virtual MDT: Cases and Panel Discussion

Combined Spinal and Thoracic Surgery

Thoracic Surgical Support for Spinal Surgery
P. Minhas; London/UK

Extended Resections Requiring Spinal Resection
P. Dartevelle; Paris/FR


The Virtual MDT: Multispecialty Cases in General Thoracic surgery

Advances in Management of Sepsis in Thoracic Surgery

Moderation: I. Hunt, S. Jordan;

I. Hunt; London/UK

Non-surgical Management of Pleural Sepsis: Medical Therapy, Intrapleural Thrombolytics, Medical Thoracoscopy
N. Maskell; Bristol/UK

Surgery for Pleural and Pulmonary Sepsis: Patient Selection and Technical Aspects in VATS and Open Surgery
G. Massard; Strasbourg/FR

Interactive Case Presentations and Panel Discussion

Surgical Treatment of Complex Thoracic Infections
G. Massard; Strasbourg/FR

Interactive Case Presentations and Panel Discussion

The Modern Management of Pulmonary Aspergillosis and Myocobacterial Infection
D. Denning; Manchester/UK

Round Up and Session End
I. Hunt, S. Jordan; London/UK

Innovations in Thoracic Surgery

Moderation: K. Papagiannopoulos1, K. McManus2,
1 Leeds/UK, 2 Belfast/UK

Extended use of Endobronchial Devices for Complex Problems in Thoracic Surgery
F. Herth; Heidelberg/DE

Current Status of Digital Devices in Thoracic Surgery: Do they Modernise Surgical Practice?
A. Brunelli; Leeds/UK

Current Updates in Tracheal Transplantation
D. Van Raemdonck, J. Vranckx, P. Delaere; Leuven/BE

Tracheal Stem Cell Developments and Clinical Application
P. De Coppi; London/UK

Technological Advances in Managing Thoracic Pathology with ECMO
P. Falcoz; Strasbourg/FR

Advances in Imaging for Management of Solitary pulmonary Nodule
H. Isringhaus, Voelkingen/DE

Lunch Box Sessions

SCTS Ionescu University
March 10, 2014

Advances in Management of Emphysema

Moderation: S. Rathinam1, M. Shackcloth2;
1 Leicester/UK, 2 Liverpool/UK

Work up and Case Selection in an MDT Setting
M. Morgan; Leicester/UK

Endobronchial Volume Reduction
F. Herth; Heidelberg/DE

Surgical LVRS and Transplantation
D. Van Raemdonck; Leuven/BE

Cases for the Panel


Moderation: N. Moat: London/UK

TAVI and Surgical AVR in the UK: An update from the UK CSR and UK TAVI Registry
M. Bhabra; Wolverhampton/UK

TAVI: Lessons from the USA
D. Adams; New York/US

UK TAVI Trial and other TAVI Trials
W. Toff; Leicester/UK

Second Generation Devices for Transapical and/or Direct Aortic TAVI (Jena, Symetis, and Engager)
O. Wendler; London/UK

Valve-in-Valve TAVI for Degenerative Aortic Bioprosthesis: Technical Tips and update from the World Wide Registry
N Moat; London

Minimal Access Mitral Valve Surgery

Moderation: P. Modi1, I. Ahmed2;
1 Liverpool/UK, 2 Brighton/UK

Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Repair of Bileaflet Prolapse: How I do it
H. Vanermen; St Luc/BE

Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Repair of Posterior Prolapse: How I do it
J. Obadia; Lyon/FR

Totally Thoracoscopic Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Repair of Anterior Leaflet Prolapse: How I do it
A. Yilmaz; Amsterdam/NL

Special Circumstances and how to deal with them: Transmitral HOCM Repair, Caval Occlusion, Pacing Wire Replacement in Redos
H. Vanermen; St Luc/BE

The Endoballoon Unwrapped
I. Ahmed; Brighton/UK

The Loop Technique
P. Modi; Liverpool/UK

Advances in Management of Chest Wall Trauma

Moderation: A. Coonar1, E. Black2;
1 Cambridge/UK, 2 Oxford/UK

Rib Fixation: Old Wine in New Bottles?
M. Bemelman; Utrecht/NL

At the Junction: Trauma Management of the Manubrio-Calvicular Joint, Clavicle and Scapula
L. Van Rensburg; Cambridge/UK

Minimal Access Aortic Valve Surgery

Moderation: A. Chukwuemeka1, E. Akowuah2;
1 London/UK, 2 Middlesbrough/UK

The Role of Sutureless Prostheses in Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery
O. Dapunt; Oldenburg/DE

J Shaped Median Sternotomy to 4th Intercostal Space: Insights from MINI STERN
S. Nair; Newcastle/UK

Manubrium Limited Minimally Invasive AVR: The MAVRIC Trial
A. Goodwin; Middlesbrough/UK

Haemostatic Adjuncts: Understanding the Options

Moderation: N. Howell, A. Ranasinghe;

The Importance of Stopping the Bleeding: The Role of Blood Conservation
G. Murphy; Leicester/UK

Can we Identify the Patient who will Bleed and can we Prevent it?
A. Jeppsson; Gothenburg/SE
Aprotinin: We know it works but what do the Regulators say and how did we end up here?
D. Royston; London/UK

Haematological Investigation of Bleeding Patients and Treatment Options
M. Besser; Cambridge/UK