SCTS Ionescu University 2015


  • Innovations in Thoracic Surgery
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Ischaemic and Rheumatic Mitral Valve Surgery
  • Tricuspid Valve Surgery
  • Intervention in Coronary Artery Disease in 2015
  • Optimizing CABG conduits
  • Off Pump CABG - Should it stay or should it go?
  • Current Perspectives in Pleural Disease
  • Management of Airway Problems
  • Controversies in Thoracic Surgery
  • Blood Management
  • Temporary Ventricular support on the ITU
  • Assessment and Management of Aortic Surgery Patients
  • Perioperative TOE

Innovations in Thoracic Surgery

SCTS Ionescu University
March 25, 2015

Moderation: A. Brunelli, K. Papagiannopoulos

The role of negative wound therapy in thoracic surgery
K. Papagiannopoulos, Leeds/UK

Minimally invasive thoracic surgery and lung cancer:
standard of care or media phenomenon
R. Petersen, Copenhagen/DK

Digital drains the impact on standards of care
A. Brunelli, Leeds/UK

Biological or Synthetic: The current adjuncts in thoracic practice
G. Rocco, Naples/IT

Uniportal Lobectomy and the Chameleon Camera
E. Lim, London/UK

Tracheal substitutes after resection
P. Dartevelle, Paris/FR

Robotic Thoracic Surgery

Moderation: S. Stamenkovic1, A. Coonar2
1Newcastle/UK, 2Cambridge/UK

Fundamentals of robotic thoracic surgery
F. Melfi, Pisa/IT

Robotic lung resection
A. Toker, Istanbul/TR

Robotic mediastinal surgery
F. Melfi, Pisa/IT

Pushing the Boundaries in Thoracic Surgery

Moderation: J.E. King1, K. Redmond2
1London/UK, 2Dublin/IE

Surgery for pulmonary sepsis
A. Toker, Istanbul/TR

ECMO in thoracic surgery
P.E. Falcoz, Strasbourg/FR

Lung transplantation
W. Klepetko, Vienna/AT

Surgery for T4 Lung cancer
P. Dartevelle, Paris/FR

Lung Perfusion for pulmonary metastasis
P. Van Schil, Edegem/BE

New frontiers in thoracic oncology
D. Farrugia, Gloucester/UK

Minimally Invasive Surgery

SCTS Ionescu University
March 25, 2015

Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve – State of the Art

Moderation: P. Modi1, J. Zacharias2, F. Wells31
Liverpool/UK, 2Blackpool/UK, 3Cambridge/UK

Debate - The first line treatment for non-complex degenerative mitral valve disease in the 21st century should be by minimal access surgery
- Pro: F. Mohr, Leipzig/DE
- Con: F. Wells, Cambridge/UK

Debate - Endoballoon or Transthoracic Clamp
- Pro Endoballoon: R. Deshpande, London/UK
- Pro Transthoracic Clamp P. Modi, Liverpool/UK

Mini-mitral Surgery: State of the Art in Europe
P. Perier, Bad Neustadt/DE

Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve – Master Series

Moderation: I. Birdi1, N. Moorjani2, P. Perier3
1Basildon/UK, 2Papworth/UK, 3Bad Neustadt/DE

Lessons from Leipzig: Learning points from an 18 year journey performing Minimally Invasive Mitral Surgery
F. Mohr, Leipzig/DE

Central cannulation for minimal access mitral valve
M. Glauber, Milano/IT

Concomitant ablation during MI mitral valve surgery
J. Zacharias, Blackpool/UK

Anaesthetic implications of MICS
K. Khan, Middlesbrough/UK

TOE for mini mitral surgery including 3D
K. Palmer, Liverpool/UK

Novel Mitral valve Interventions

Moderation: M. Buch1, A. Vahanian2, N. Moat3, V. Bapat3
1Manchester/UK, 2Paris/FR, 3London/UK

Mitraclip - current indications and outcomes and the UK CtE
M. Buch, Manchester/UK

Transcatheter mitral valve repair - an overview
A. Vahanian, Paris/FR

Transcatheter mitral valve implantation
N. Moat, V. Bapat; London/UK

Echocardiography for transcatheter mitral valve procedures
J.L. Vanoverschelde, Brussels/BE

Minimally Invasive Surgery - Aortic Valve Replacement - A Masterclass

Moderation: M. Amrani1, V. Bapat1, M. Glauber2
1London/UK, 2Milano/IT

This house believes that minimally invasive aortic valve replacement is more than just cosmesis – Pro
C. Young, London/UK

This house believes that minimally invasive aortic valve replacement is more than just cosmesis – Con
J. Pepper, London/UK

The case for ministernotomy approach
F. Mohr, Leipzig/DE

The case for anterior thoracotomy approach
M. Glauber, Milano/IT

Will sutureless valves make a difference?
S. Pfeiffer, Nuremberg/DE

Intervention in Coronary Artery Disease in 2015

SCTS Ionescu University
March 25, 2015

Moderation: D.P. Taggart1, G. Asimakopoulos2, P. Kolh3
1Oxford/UK, 2London/UK, 3Liege/BE

CABG is the best therapy
D. Taggart, Oxford/UK

Recent advances in coronary intervention
N. Curzen, Southampton/UK


Has SYNTAX changed practice in Europe? If not why not
P. Kolh, Liege/BE

Has SYNTAX changed practice in North America? If not why not
J. Sabik, Cleveland/US


Optimizing CABG conduits

SCTS Ionescu University
March 25, 2015

Optimizing CABG Conduits

Moderation: G.D. Angelini1, J. Sabik2, M. Pullan3
1London/UK, 2Cleveland/US, 3Liverpool/UK

One arterial graft and saphenous vein grafts is sufficient
G. Angelini, London/UK

Is bilateral IMA use the gold standard?
J. Sabik, Cleveland/US

Should the Radial Artery be first line choice for second conduit?
D. Taggart, Oxford/UK

Can a single IMA composite graft adequately supply the heart?
M. Ruel, Ottawa/CA

Understanding Vein Gaft Patency

Moderation: G.D. Angelini1, A. Newby2
1London/UK, 2Bristol/UK

Overview of vein graft failure and cell therapy
A. Newby, Bristol/UK

Gene therapy
A. Baker, Glasgow/UK

Anti-inflammatory treatments
P. Quax, Einthoven/NL

Surgical interventions
G. Angelini, London/UK

Venous External Scaffolding Technology (VEST) –
targeting the root causes of vein graft failure
E. Orion, Tel Aviv/IL

Optimising Outcomes with Vein Grafts

Moderation: G.D. Angelini1, J. Sabik2, P. Kolh3
1London/UK, 2Cleveland/US, 3Liege/BE

Traditional open vein harvest is best
J. Pepper, London/UK

Open harvest with peri-adventitial fat is best
D. Souza, Örebro/SE

Endoscopic vein harvest is best
J. Zacharias, Blackpool/UK

Is there a role for external stenting of vein grafts?
D. Taggart, Oxford/UK

Off Pump CABG – should it stay or should it go?

SCTS Ionescu University
March 25, 2015

Moderation: D.P. Taggart1, G.D. Angelini2, M. Ruel3
1Oxford/UK, 2London/UK, 3Ottawa/CA

Off Pump CABG should be abandoned
J. Sabik, Cleveland/US

Off pump CABG is here to stay
M. Lemma, Milan/IT

The key to good outcomes is measuring graft flow
G. DiGiammarco, Chieti/IT

The key to reducing risk of stroke is aortic assessment
C. Royse, Melbourne/AU

Current Perspectives in Pleural Disease

SCTS Ionescu University
March 25, 2015

Moderation: J. Dunning1, J. Butler2
1Middlesbrough/UK, 2Glasgow/UK

Surgery for pleural sepsis
A. Toker, Istanbul/TR

Management of space problems
G. Massard, Strasbourg/FR

Thoracoscopy under local anaesthesia and medical
management of pleural disease
M. Munavvar, Preston/UK

Indications for EPP
P. Van Schil, Edegem/BE

EPD is the standard of care for Mesothelioma
A. Nakas, Leicester/UK

Current Oncological Options in Mesothelioma
S. Popat, London/UK

Management of Airway Problems

SCTS Ionescu University
March 25, 2015

Moderation: M. Kalkat1, T. Strang2
1Birmingham/UK, 2Manchester/

Endoscopic management of Tracheal stenosis
G. Sandhu, London/UK

Palliation of Malignant Tracheal conditions
M. Kalkat, Birmingham/UK

Difficult Airway management & Airway sharing
T. McLeod, Birmingham/UK

Tracheal surgery
W. Klepetko, Vienna/AT

Controversies in Thoracic Surgery

SCTS Ionescu University
March 25, 2015

Moderation: S. Rathinam1, J. McGuigan2
1Leicester/UK, 2Belfast/UK

N2 disease precludes surgery
G. Varela, Salamanca/ES

Surgery is still an option in N2 disease
G. Massard, Strasbourg/FR

Thoracotomy is the gold standard
P. Dartevelle, Paris/FR

VATS Lobectomy is the new standard of care
R. Petersen, Copenhagen/DK

Patient with borderline lung function :Surgery
G. Rocco, Naples/IT

Patient with borderline lung function :RFA
M. Djearaman, Birmingham/UK

Patient with borderline lung function :SABR
M. Snee, Leeds/UK

Endobronchial Volume Reduction
P. Shah, London/UK

Surgical LVRS is the Gold Standard
D. Waller, Leicester/UK

Blood Management

SCTS Ionescu University
March 25, 2015

Coagulopathic Haemorrhage

Moderation: S. Agarwal1, R. Gill2
1Liverpool/UK, 2Southampton/UK

Pathogenesis of coagulopathy
J. Thachil, Manchester/UK

Prevention of coagulopathy - update on Tranexamic Acid and Aprotinin Therapy
D. Mazer, Toronto/CA

Diagnosis of Coagulopathy
K. Görlinger, Essen/DE


Moderation: R. Gill1, G. Murphy2
1Southampton/UK, 2Leicester/UK

Anaemia – pathogenesis
A. Klein, Cambridge/UK

Preoperative anaemia management in cardiac surgery
C. von Heymann, Berlin/DE

Intravenous iron - risks and benefits
T. Richards, London/UK

Blood Services

Moderation: S. Bhudia1, A. Ahmed2
1Coventry/UK, 2Leicester/UK

Red cell transfusion
G. Murphy, Leicester/UK

Non red cell treatment and adjuncts (Plasma/ Cryo/ PCC/PCC)
D. Mazer, Toronto/CA

Intravenous Fibrinogen: The REPLACE Trial
R. Gill, Southampton/UK

Temporary Ventricular support on the ITU

SCTS Ionescu University
March 25, 2015

Moderation: R. Venkateswaran1, S. Westaby2
1Manchester/UK, 2Oxford/UK

Temporary mechanical support for critical cardiogenic shock - Bridge to transplantation
R. Venkateswaran, Manchester/UK

Temporary mechanical support for post-cardiotomy failure to wean from CPB-Bridge to recovery
S. Westaby, Oxford/UK

Temporary mechanical support - The US perspective
M. Acker, Philadelphia/US

Temporary ECMO and mechanical support - resource implications for ICU
J. Barker, Manchester/UK

Assessment and Management of Aortic Surgery Patients

SCTS Ionescu University
March 25, 2015

Aortic Surgery - Root and Ascending Aorta

Moderation: G. Tsang1, C. Miller2, D. Cameron3
1Southampton/UK, 2Palo Alto/US, 3Baltimore/US

The Stanford Aortic Root Repair: Technique & follow-Up
C. Miller, Palo Alto/US

Principles of redo aortic root surgery
J. Mascaro, Birmingham/UK

Minimally invasive aortic surgery - Mini-Bentall procedure
T. Yan, Liverpool/UK

Implantation of an individually computer-designed and manufactured external support for the Marfan aortic root
J. Pepper, London/UK

Aortic Surgery - Arch & Thoracoabdominal Aorta

Moderation: J. Mascaro1, C. Young2
1Birmingham/UK, 2London/UK

International Aortic Arch Project
T. Yan, Liverpool/UK

Management of Chronic Type B Dissection- The Role of TEVAR
C. Nienaber, Rostock/DE

Management of Aortic Infection
O. Wendler, London/UK

Decision Making in Thoracoabdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair
A. Oo, Liverpool/UK

Cerebral Monitoring - blood flow, bubbles & delerium

Moderation: M. Bennett1, M. Jayarajah1, M. Patteril2, R. Jones1
1Plymouth/UK, 2Coventry/UK

Gaseous micro-emboli and perfusion monitoring
M. Bennett, Plymouth/UK

Ultrasound-based approach to brain and somatic desaturation
A. Denault, Montreal/CA

Cerebral blood flow monitoring and autoregulation
H. Grocott, Winnipeg/CA

Acute Aortic Syndrome

Moderation: M. Kuduvalli1, G. Cooper2, N. Scawn1
1Liverpool/UK, 2Sheffield/UK

Re-intervention following acute type-A aortic dissection repair- the IRAD perspective
S. Trimarchi, San Donato Milanese/IT

Assessment of organ malperfusion and management in acute aortic syndrome
J. Yap, London/UK

The role of endovascular therapy in acute aortic syndrome
J. Brennan, Liverpool/UK

Management of the aortic root during acute type-A aortic dissection repair
D. Cameron, Baltimore/US

Should we replace the aortic arch during acute type-A dissection repair? The role of frozen elephant trunk
D. Pacini, Bologne/IT

Reflection of Pioneers: Genetic Basis for Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Disease

Moderation: M. Bashir1, A. Oo1, J. Elefteriades2
1Liverpool/UK, 2New Haven, CT/US

Genetics for the Surgeons
J. Elefteriades, New Haven/US

Genetic Linked Aneurysms
D. Cameron, Baltimore/US

Genetic Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Disease - From Therapy Back to Gene
D. Milewicz, Houston/US

Biomarkers in Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Disease - The Holy Grail
S. Trimarchi, San Donato Milanese/IT

CTSNet Aortic Portal
M. Bashir, Liverpool/UK

Assessment and Management of Aortic Surgery Patients

Moderation: A. Rashid, M. Bashir, M. Desmond

Anaesthetic assessment of aortic surgery patients - The role of cardiopulmonary exercise testing
D. Atkinson, Manchester/UK

Cerebral & spinal monitoring in aortic surgery
J. Ratnasingham, Liverpool/UK

Circulatory support for aortic surgery
J. Elefteriades, New Haven/US

DHCA and LHB: Associated coagulation disorders and their management
S. Agarwal, Liverpool/UK

Peroperative TOE

SCTS Ionescu University
March 25, 2015

General TOE

Peroperative TOE: General TOE
Moderation: D. Greenhalgh, N. O’Keeffe

SCA/ASE 2014 Perioperative Transoesophageal Echocardiography Guidelines
S. Reeves, South Carolina/US

Echo in the catheter lab
A. Macnab, Manchester/UK

Echo in the out-patients
C. Royse, Melbourne/AU

Mitral Regurgitation

Moderation: A. Macnab1, D. Duthie2
1Manchester/UK, 2Leeds/UK

Type 1 Regurgitation
S. Ray, Manchester/UK

Type 2 Regurgitation
A. Berrebi, Paris/FR

Type 3 Regurgitation
J. Ender, Leipzig/DE

Critical Care

Moderation: N. Morgan-Hughes1, D. Hunter2
1Sheffield/UK, 2London/UK

Lung ultrasound
F. Guarracino, Pisa/IT

Echo for mechanical assist
J. Ender, Leipzig/DE

Assessment of the unstable patient - when to intervene
M. Bewsher, Manchester/UK

Right Heart

Moderation: A. Perrino1, M. Bewsher2
1Yale/US, 2Manchester/UK

Echo assessment of the right heart
A. Denault, Montreal/CA

Tricuspid valve: repair or not
J. Bence, Leicester/UK

Congenital right heart problems
L. Winslow, Manchester/UK