Data & statistics

Cardiac surgery datasets
B Bridgewater (Manchester, UK) describes some of the statistical processes behind the SCTS database. A Wechsler (Philadelphia, USA) discusses different types of high level clinical trials and interpreting significance.
SCTS governance programme
G Hickey (Manchester, UK) explains the statistical handling of the SCTS database data.
Outcome publication in context
J Roxburgh (London, UK) puts outcome publication in context, giving the history of developments since 2003 and looking at how things will continue to evolve.
UK database current initiatives
B Bridgewater (Manchester, UK) explains some of the current initiatives around the use of the UK database.
UK cardiac database and TAVI registry
N Moat (London, UK) looks at combining the SCTS database and the TAVI registry to allow comparison between aortic intervention groups.
Dynamic clinical prediction models
S Grant (Manchester, UK) explains how the SCTS database can be used for dynamic clinical prediction models, using mitral vale prosthesis choice as an example. G Hickey (Manchester, UK) looks at the history of prediction models and how dynamic models are built.
UK database revascularisation data
B Bridgewater ( Manchester , UK ) explains the analysis of the UK database data and demonstrates visualisation of the data via the Blue Book Online. A comparison of single versus bilateral mammary usage in coronary revascularisation is then made.
Minimally invasive mitral - unpublished
B Bridgewater (Manchester, UK) describes his personal experience of starting and then stopping a minimally invasive mitral programme.
Aortic valve surgery risk stratification
N Howell (Birmingham, UK) discusses aspects of data analysis and the building of a new risk model for aortic valve replacement.
UK longterm mitral valve repair outcomes
B Bridgewater (Manchester, UK) explains how the UK database is used