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Lone AF surgery – Results of hybrid approach

Mark La Meir of University Hospital Brussels, Belgium discusses the indications for and issues with a hybrid approach to atrial fibrillation surgery.

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Aortic arch repair hybrid approaches

P Taylor (London, UK) discusses hybrid approaches to aortic arch disease and the consequences of extra-anatomic bypasses.

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Aortic arch & thoracoabdominal options

H Safi (Houston, USA) discusses some of the open and endovascular options available in complex aortic surgery.

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Evolution of Maze procedure

J Cox (St Louis, USA) recounts the development of the surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation up to the Maze-IV and hybrid procedures.

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Future of atrial ablation surgery

J Cox (St Louis, USA) considers the evidence for ablation in atrial fibrillation treatment, to help inform what the future management might be.

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Unilateral VATS ablation in hybrid AF treatment

G Bisleri (Brescia, Italy) discusses unilateral thoracoscopic ablation in hybrid atrial fibrillation treatment, with a video demonstration of the surgical technique.

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Hybrid ablation of lone atrial fibrillation

M La Meir (Maastricht, Netherlands) considers aspects of hybrid approaches to lone atrial fibrillation.

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Lone AF laparoscopic convergent procedure

B Gersak (Ljubljana, Slovenia) describes a convergent (hybrid) procedure via a sub-xiphoid approach for the treatment of permanent atrial fibrillation.

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Hybrid Repairs of Arch Aneurysms

J Bavaria of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA considers the current and evolving role of hybrid aortic arch procedures. He explains landing zones and the different procedures available, before looking at the data which influences procedure

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Aortic arch replacement: the Birmingham approach

J Mascaro (Birmingham, UK) reviews the different open and hybrid options to aortic arch repair. He then describes his unit’s approach and results, considering in detail how risk stratification determines the patient’s pathway.

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Thoracic aortic aneurysm review

R Di Bartolomeo (Bologna, Italy) reviews the approach to complex aortic disease, describing in detail his use of the frozen elephant trunk procedure using the E-vita graft. J Mascaro (Birmingham, UK) presents his results and demonstrates use of the Thoraflex

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Hybrid coronary revascularisation

G Angelini (Bristol, UK) explains the evolution and current status of hybrid coronary revascularisation.

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