Cardiothoracic Training Core value

From the December 2014 Bulletin

Cardiothoracic training has always been a core value for SCTS. The SCTS has valued and supported trainee members through the changing landscape with evolution of practice and EWTD. The aim always has been to offer maximum educational value and career guidance to the next generation cardiothoracic surgeons!

This has resulted in trainees meetings and the SCTS University. The young and vibrant SCTS Education has further offerings including the Ethicon fellowships and various educational opportunities to trainees, non-trainees and AHPs.

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The SCTS/SAC Course Portfolio has recently been developed by the SCTS Tutors to optimize training opportunities. The portfolio is mapped to the entire ISCP curriculum. These courses are the first of their kind in the UK with every NTN trainee offered two structured courses every year. These courses will have simulation, live simulated operating and non technical skills along side structured core knowledge.

Registration and accommodation will be provided free of charge for all NTN trainees with SCTS membership. This giant step has been possible due to a substantial grant from Ethicon supported by Sorin.

Benefits of SCTS Trainee membership include:

• SCTS / SAC Curriculum aligned courses developed by the SCTS tutors, which includes 12 courses over 6 years including live operating simulation and non technical skills.
• Ethicon fellowship (£50,000 / fellowship)
• SCTS University
• SCTS meeting (concessionary rate)
• SCTS trainee website
• SCTS / SAC trainee meeting
• SCTS Executive/ SAC†membership for trainee lead
• SCTS / ACSA SCP / CT1 / ST1 course (free)
• SCTS team fellowship (free)
• SCTS leadership course for senior trainees (free)
• SCTS Mentorship advice / guidance from SAC Chair / SCTS Tutors / SCTS Dean
• SCTS abstract publication in peer-reviewed journal (2016 onwards)

We encourage all trainees to become SCTS members to allow them to take part in all of the above. The impact of offering a widened educational portfolio has resulted in an increase in the membership fees from £127 to £200.

We hope the trainees appreciate the value of SCTS by the educational offerings which they are benefitting from which is not  available to any other specialty training. We believe that SCTS membership offers excellent value for money for NTNs.

SCTS Education Ethicon Trainee Fellowships 2017

27 January 2017

SCTS Education in partnership with Ethicon is pleased to announce the 2017 SCTS Education Ethicon Trainee Fellowships for senior national trainees

It is the sixth year of this highly successful programme, with previous awardees having gone on to consultant positions following completion of their fellowship and CCT. The fellowships will be awarded for a designated period of six months to senior trainees who have not yet secured a consultant post. Read more

Ethicon scholarship 2014

S Attaran presents her experience at the SCTS 2016 Annual Meeting

Ethicon scholarship 2015

H Bilal presents his experience at the SCTS 2016 Annual Meeting

Operative Videos


The 2017 winners for the trainee operative video prize were:

Silviu Buderi for his video on Right VATS upper lobectomy

Mohamed Elsaegh for his video on Minimally Invasive ASD Closure

The 2016 six shortlisted videos for the SCTS Education operative video prize are available here. The winners were:

  • Thoracic Surgery - Nur Ismail (Robotic Thymectomy)
  • Cardiac Surgery - John Taghavi (Valve-sparing aortic root replacement)

Details of how to submit for the next prize (closing date 18th February 2018) are given here, with an application form here.

(For further details, please contact Carol Tan and Sunil Bhudia at [email protected])

  • Bullectomy - Anthony Chambers

Learning how to operate?

A video lecture series on surgical skills, by David O'Regan




Principles of Needle Holding:

Air Time:

Potato Stitching:

Banana Stitching:

Egg Stitching:



There are several resources available related to training in cardiothoracic surgery. These cover recruitment, postgraduate speciality training and the cardiothoracic syllabus. Professor Greenaway (2013) reported on his review which will shape postgraduate medical education and training for many years to come. Read more



SCTS Education / Ethicon Curriculum-aligned Cardiothoracic Surgery Training Courses are an innovative portfolio of 12 courses that have been designed and implemented by the current SCTS Tutors to mirror the ISCP curriculum.


Details of the aims and delivery of all of these courses are available on the Tutors' page. Read more




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Deaneries (Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) and Local Education & Training Boards (LETBs, England)  are responsible for the education and training of doctors, dentists, nurses and all healthcare professionals at a local level. The Rep of Ireland has the National Surgical Training Programme.


Read the BMJ article on successful ST1 application.

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National Recruitment for ST1 and ST3 in Cardiothoracic Surgery is held by the Wessex Deanery. Read more

A 2015 workforce planning document has been published. Read more

Postgraduate Dean

The Cardiothoracic Dean holds a pastoral role within the Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery and is available for impartial advice on career and educational matters.

JonathanThe current Cardiothoracic Dean is Jonathan Hyde.

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The July 2015 edition of The Bulletin had a strong focus on training. Read it below:


Case Definition

02 November 2015
The SAC in Cardiothoracic Surgery has done a thorough piece of work clarifying the definition of a ‘case’ for the purpose of trainees and trainers recording it as such.
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Workforce planning

11 October 2015
A UK Cardiothoracic Surgery workforce planning document has been published by the SAC and SCTS.
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Ian Cummings, Captain of the SCTS Football 2015 Champions, London Town

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