Heart transplantation referral guidelines
J Parameshwar (Cambridge, UK) discusses referral for heart transplantation based on UK guidelines published in 2011.
DBD donor optimisation
R Venkateswaran (Manchester, UK) discusses the principles of brain dead donor management.
Ex vivo cardiac perfusion
D Talbot (Newcastle, UK) discusses ex-vivo cardiac perfusion, demonstrating that organ reanimation is possible after death.
Cardiac transplantation as gold standard
J Dunning (Cambridge, UK) argues that cardiac transplantation remains the gold standard for end-stage heart failure treatment in the UK.
Heart transplantation UK 2013
G MacGowan (Newcastle, UK) briefly addresses the issue of declining heart transplant numbers in the UK.
GUCH transplant recipients
M Burch (London, UK) discusses cardiac transplantation in congenital heart patients.
LVRS & transplantation
D Van Raemdonck (Leuven, Belgium) reviews the relative benefits of lung volume reduction surgery and lung transplantation in patients with emphysema.
Pushing the boundaries in thoracic surgery - Lung transplantation
W Klepetko (Vienna, Austria) gives an overview of aspects of lung transplantation. He looks in detail at surgical techniques, donor organ utilisation, expanding the indications for surgery and the organisation of a service.
Tracheal transplantation
D Van Raemdonck (Leuven, Belgium) presents an overview of the current status of tracheal transplantation.