North West England trauma review
M Khorsandi (Manchester, UK) reviews the North West of England experience with civilian trauma.
Trauma systems
R Steyn (Birmingham, UK) introduces a cardiothoracic trauma forum. J O'Connor (Baltimore, USA) explains the Maryland model of trauma care. K Porter (Birmingham, UK) describes major trauma centres and networks in England.
American civilian trauma
J O'Connor (Baltimore, USA) describes his experience of cardiothoracic trauma in the biggest centre in the USA.
Pre-hospital care chest injuries
R Steyn (Birmingham, UK) discusses pre-hospital trauma care and presents a number of cases to the audience for discussion.
Trauma - good, bad & ugly
J O'Connor (Baltimore, USA) presents case studies for audience discussion about management.
European civilian trauma
PM de la Santa (Vigo, Spain) discusses thoracic trauma from a European perspective.
Military trauma meets civilian trauma
J McGuigan (Belfast, UK) describes her experience of trauma in Northern Ireland.
UK thoracic injuries of war
H Poon (Birmingham, UK) assesses the management of thoracic military injuries in a specialist centre.
Shoulder girdle trauma
L Van Rensburg (Cambridge, UK) describes several injuries that can occur to the shoulder girdle and how they can be managed.
Rib fixation
M Bemelman (Tilburg, Netherlands) gives an overview of the current standing of rib fixation.