2017 Courses

2016 courses pdf

2017 courses pdf

Portfolio of Curriculum-aligned Cardiothoracic Surgery Training Courses

Sunil Bhudia

Carol Tan

Sunil Bhudia, SCTS Cardiac Surgery Tutor
Carol Tan, SCTS Thoracic Surgery Tutor

SCTS Education Ethicon Curriculum-aligned Cardiothoracic Surgery Training Courses are an innovative portfolio of 12 courses that have been designed and implemented by the current SCTS Education Secretaries when they were the Tutors to mirror the ISCP curriculum.

  • All nationally-appointed Cardiothoracic Surgery Trainees will be given the opportunity to attend 12 specifically designed courses (2 courses per year during their 6 year programme)
  • The portfolio of courses will deliver a continuous programme of learning which has been mapped out to mirror the ISCP Cardiothoracic Surgery curriculum
  • The programme has been endorsed by the Cardiothoracic Surgery Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC) and attendance at the courses will be monitored through the ARCP and CCT process
  • These courses complement knowledge and skills learned during their training programme and will use a variety of techniques to deliver education, including:
    • Interactive small group sessions
    • Viva voce examinations
    • Surgical skills development with hands-on’ wet-lab and live operating experience
    • Simulation based training with CALS Simulation, Virtual Reality Thoracoscopic Simulator and ‘Orpheus’ bypass simulator
    • Professional development Course and Human factors course incorporating the high-fidelity ‘Orpheus’ human factors simulator
  • All courses have a very high faculty to trainee ratio (usually at least 1:2) to optimise the learning opportunities.
  • The courses (registration, accommodation and long-distance travel) are provided free of charge to the trainees thanks to great financial support from industry partners (Ethicon)
  • The courses are continually evolving to optimise the learning experience. So far, they have been assessed by the trainees with excellent ratings (average 4.5 out of 5) and great feedback. In addition, the trainees have been asked to rate their own knowledge both before and after each course, which has demonstrated significant improvements.
  • Further work is being done through the Royal College of Surgeons to provide formal accreditation and external objective evidence to demonstrate the value of these courses in improving clinical outcomes.
  • In addition to the portfolio of 12 courses, 2 further courses are being run:
    • Cardiothoracic Surgery ‘Taster’ Course – which will give Foundation Year and ST1 Doctors an opportunity to experience Cardiothoracic Surgery by performing coronary and valve procedures, thereby encouraging recruitment of motivated trainees into the specialty (supported by Medtronic)
    • ST2 Essential Skills in Cardiothoracic Surgery Course – which will provide a systematic overview of all the essential skills required for a trainee early in their cardiothoracic surgery career, as well as the opportunity to perform operative cardiothoracic surgical procedures